Egoscue – Live Pain Free


Many of us suffer from chronic pain. The weight of this pain limits our ability to serve others as a spouse, partner, employee or leader. From small ailments to significant injury, the Egoscue method has helped people across the world heal themselves and refocus their energy on the most important aspects of life.  

On site at Cally, you have the opportunity learn from Nathan Pullin, an Egoscue certified Postural Alignment Specialist. As a career Army officer who served in several of our nation’s most elite counterterrorism units, Nathan spent 26 years putting his body through punishing physical trials resulting in inoperable hip, back, and neck issues. Since leaving service he discovered the Egoscue method of postural therapy and is reversing years of damage. He has a passion for sharing the method with others so they may experience the same amazing results.  

While you’re here, Nathan can take groups through the basics and set up private sessions for those interested. You will be amazed at the results!