Sustainable Retreat


We are the perfect place to unplug, rest, and reset.


Currently Cally Farms is a serene property consisting of over 375 acres of farmland, forest, freshwater ponds, lakes, and wetlands.  You’ll be comfortable in the main house’s accommodations with several gathering spaces for your family or group to come together as well as plenty of bedrooms.  


Need some time alone?  As you walk the property near the main house, you will see the new acres of juvenile Paulownia trees. If you wander further afield, you may hear turkeys gobbling and see deer and more.  If hiking isn’t your thing, you can canoe, or kayak on the 7 acre lake, or go fishing at one of the property’s ponds. 


When your group is ready for sustainable serenity, look no further than Cally Farms.


The future of our planet is uncertain, and we recognize that carbon drawdown and sustainability is a must in the climate battle.  In order to slow and reverse the impacts on our climate we need to take action before it’s too late.  From our personal lives, to our business practices we need to constantly evolve and change our habits.  One of the first major property modifications you will enjoy is our garden!  Our onsite garden will have nutritious options to enjoy during your stay and tours of how we’re sustainably managing the indoor/outdoor space are available!  You’ll also get ideas for including fresh grown options in your own living spaces.

As Cally evolves, you won’t just see the fastest growing trees in the world reaching toward the sky, you’ll start to notice more sustainable accommodations popping up, as we expand our capacity. Along with these new sleeping spaces, you may notice some new animal friends as well!  We hope to employ chickens in our garden spaces as well as ladybugs and dragonflies to help us control garden pests in and around the main house.  On the larger property, we’ll be buzzing about new bee gums that’ll arrive to take advantage of the incredible flowers on our Paulownia trees.  And as you know, where there’s bees, there’s honey!  As our trees begin to flower, and our bees successfully produce honey, we’ll be offering this diabetic friendly liquid gold on the property as well.